• Dry Coolers & Adiabatic Systems

    From small commercial units upto jumbo sized industrial coolers, we have you covered

Dry Coolers

Dry coolers, designed for all types of heat rejection required in Process Cooling & Air Conditioning & Refrigeration applications – offering a wide range of capacities from 10 to 2000 kW

  • Modular Design

    Our modular design allows us to match all cooling requirements

  • Installation Flexibility

    Units suitable for either Horizontal or Vertical positioning

  • Controls Options

    Adiabatic controls systems available to fully automate and manage the cooling load

  • Fan Motor Options

    Fan motor options include AC (ErP ready), EC High Efficiency and ATEX

  • Electrical Accessories

    Choice of electrical accessories including isolator switches, terminal boxes, motor protection, fan speed control

  • Flange Options

    Units provided with a range of connection options including flanges

Main Product Groups

Light Commercial

Wall Units

Horizontal ‘Flat Bed’


Jumbo V

Adiabatic Systems

Technical & Features


Lightweight construction, painted aluminium with RAL9010 colour as standard. Also available as an option is stainless steel (on request).


The heat exchanger coil offers geometries suitable for all applications and temperatures, with a 1/2“ and 5/8“ tube. Fin spacing ranges from 1.6mm upto 6mm with a choice of either corrugated or high efficiency fins.


Surface treatments include; Epoxy coating, Electro tinned, Blygold®, Heresite and Electro-fn® E-coat treatment


Depending upon the unit type selected, fans with diameters of the following sizes are available; 450 / 500 / 630 / 800 / 910 mm


Units can be selected with options for type of motors, including;  AC (ErP ready), EC High Efficiency and ATEX.  Two speed fan motors are also available for noise sensitive applications.


The following options are available; Control panels with motor protection, local fan isolators & common terminal box, inverter and EC fan control panels, phase cutting regulators


Our Dry Cooler Units can be oriented either Vertically or Horizontally, offering flexibility for more demanding applications. Water connections may also be handed due to standard double outlet header tube. Horizontal units are also available with fan motors mounted underneath the coil, as blow through units


All heat exchanger coils are inspected for proper mechanical expansion of tubes into the fins; brazing of bends, connections & headers in an inert atmosphere; final pressure leak test in a water bath. During final inspection, the coil is checked against the customer’s specifications to ascertain its compliance.

Maximum Flexibilty & Quality

The modular design of our range of dry coolers ensures that we can match all cooling capacities; fan diameters ranging from 450mm to 910mm and a choice of 4,6,8 and 12 pole motors. Heat exchanger coils with geometries to suit most applications and temperatures, with either 5/8″ or 1/2″ tube, fin spacing from 1.6mm to 6mm, with either corrugated or high efficiency fins. Surface treatments include; Epoxy Coating, Electro-Tinned, Blygold Treatment, Heresite Treatment and Electro-fin® E-coat Treatment.  Installation flexibility, with either horizontal or vertical unit orientation plus connection handing options.

  • Fan Diameters

    Commercial : 450 / 500 / 630 mm
    Industrial     : 800 / 910 mm
    V-Shape        : 800 / 910 mm
    Oil Coolers   : Tailored solutions

  • Fan Motors

    AC (ErP ready)
    EC High Efficiency
    Special fan motors to suit other voltages
    4,6,8 and 12 pole motors

  • Heat Exchanger Coil

    5/8″ or 1/2″ Tube diameters
    Corrugated or High Efficiency fins
    Surface treatments include;
    Epoxy Coating
    Electro Tinned
    Electro-fin® E-coat treatment

  • Materials

    Lightweight construction, painted aluminium with RAL 910 colour as standard, or stainless steel on request

  • Control Panel Options

    Individual isolator switches
    Control panels with motor protection
    Phase cutting regulators/inverters

dry cooler

Fin material options


Customisable headers


Surface treatments


Tube configuration options


Highly customisable frame

Installation Options

Our Dry Coolers offer installation flexibility, with horizontal or vertical positioning and a choice of water connection handings, made possible by our double outlet header tube as standard


flyer dry coolers air blast


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