• Finned Pack Heat Exchangers

Finned Pack Heat Exchanger Coils

With a total of 7 tube diameters available in 16 geometries, we can optimize heat exchangers for any specific application including Process cooling, HVAC Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Heating & Cooling coils – for use with primary fluids including water and oil.
Evaporator & Condensers –  using Group 1 & 2 refrigerants including CO2

  • High Performance

    High efficiency tubes & fins to increase the heat exchange whilst keeping the exchanger dimensions compact

  • Customisation

    Highly customizable to match requirements of each application
    Finned lengths available from 80mm upto 11.5 Metres
    16 geometries available to meet all performance and allow internal volume reduction
    50 tubes available, smooth and internally grooved (rifled) tube
    5 fin materials available to meet all thermodynamic and product life requirements
    Choice of frame materials including galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel & copper
    10 surface treatments available to increase the life of the product in aggressive environments

  • Quality

    High quality components to guarantee long life product, with strong & robust design

  • Safety

    Maximum pressure up to PS = 140 bar
    Resistance and leaks upto 200 bar
    Burst tests upto 420 bar
    Equipment pressurised with nitrogen at 2 bar

  • Environment

    4D Coils offers heat exchangers compatible with natural refrigerants, with a very low GWP

  • Software

    Advanced thermodynamic calculations made by REcalc software, designed for ease of use

Main Product Groups

Water Coils (Mono Phase)

Compatible with most fluids in the liquid state e.g water, water-glycol mixtures, oil, diathermic fluids, etc.

Phase Changing Coils

Evaporators, condensers, reversible for heat pumps. Compatible with all synthetic refrigerants (including A2L), propane  & CO2

Shaped Coils

Evaporators, condensers, reversible for heat pumps; Compatible with all synthetic refrigerants (including A2L), propane and CO2

Technical & Features


The finned pack consists of drawn tubes mechanically expanded into fins provided with self-spaced collars. This ensures optimal heat exchange between tubes & fins, plus regular spacing between fins.


Created by high precision molding of aluminium, pre-painted aluminium, hydrophilic aluminium and copper strips. The fins are corrugated so as to improve the secondary heat transfer coefficient without heavily affecting the air pressure drops. This allows for improved condensate drainage & prevents dirt from obstructing the finned pack. Also available are louvered fins, the structure of which increases heat exchange efficiency


We only use high quality tubes sourced within Europe, which can be smooth or internally grooved on all diameters. The tubes are resistant to the vast majority of primary fluids in both heating and cooling applications alike.


The frame can be of galvanized steel, aluminium, copper, brass, or stainless steel, manufactured through a process of punching and deep drawing. The frame protects the finned pack and fastens the heat exchanger to the rest of the system.


Headers are made of carbon steel or copper drawn tubes. The header collects all of the coil’s parallel circuits into one tube that will be connected to the main circuit of the equipment.


We use brass Venturi-type distributors. Along with the brazed copper capillary tubes, these distributors optimize coolant distribution in the parallel circuits of evaporators.


In light of our commitment to product improvement & sustainability, 4D Coils uses materials that are compatible with new generation refrigerants, which ensure lower environmental impact and excellent performance.

R22  (Group 2)
R32  (Group 1)
R123  (Group 1)
R134A (Group 2)
R152A (Group 1)
R245A (Group 2)
R290 (Group 1)
R404A (Group 2)
R407C (Group 2)
R407F (Group 2)
R410A (Group 2)
R417A (Group 2)
R448A (Group 2)
R449A (Group 2)
R452A (Group 2)
R454A (Group 1)
R454B (Group 1)
R454C (Group 1)
R507A (Group 2)
R455A (Group 1)
R513A (Group 2)
R744   CO2 (Group 2)
R718  (Group 2)
R1233zd (Group 1)
R1234yf (Group 1)
R1234ze (Group 1)


We inspect for proper mechanical expansion of tubes into the fins; brazing of bends, connections & headers in an inert atmosphere; final pressure leak test in a water bath. During final inspection, the coil is checked against the customer’s specifications to ascertain its compliance.


As the market is becoming more and more demanding in the field of coils protections against corrosion, 4D Coils has developed a strong ability in selection, quotation and supply of different types of coils protections, in order to respond to customers requirements, including (but not limited to) the following:
❖ Heresite
❖ Heresite + UV
❖ Epoxy painting – Pulver
❖ Epoxy painting – Cataphoresis
❖ Epoxy painting – Cataphoresis + UV
❖ Electrofin
❖ Electrofin + UV
❖ Thermoguard finguard
❖ AquaAero
❖ Blygold

Material Flexibilty

4D Heat Exchanger Coils are highly customisable to suit your specifications or application. Each coil is individually designed, with the fin material selected to take into account the environment in which it is to be located.

Tube material, diameter and wall thickness is selected with the medium, temperature and refrigerant or working pressure in mind and to customers specifications. Casing material can be galvanised or stainless steel to suit harsher operating environments.

  • Fin Material Options

    Materials:  copper, aluminium
    Different geometries
    Special treatments including hydrophillic & pre-painted

  • Customisable Headers

    Various types of construction

  • Surface Treatments


  • Tube Configuration Options

    Materials: copper, aluminium, stainless steel
    Diameters: ∅7, ∅7.94 (5/16″), ∅9.52 (3/8″)

  • Cutsomisable Frame

    Fe Zn, Al, Aisi
    Cu Zn, Cu


Fin material options


Customisable headers


Surface treatments


Tube configuration options


Highly customisable frame


Tube Geometry

4D Heat Exchanger Coils are available in upto 7 tube diameters and 16 geometries with the following configurations to suit a variety of applications & standardised packaged heating & cooling products;


∅7mm tubes, in the staggered geometry 25.00 x 21.65 mm with corrugated fins. Ideal solution for smaller sized condensers & heat exchangers which require lower internal volumes.

Diameter 7mm

Geometry 25.00 x 21.65



∅5/16″ tubes in the staggered geometry 25.00 x 21.65 mm with corrugated and louvered fins. Ideal solution for small condensers with capacities upto 12 kW; fan coils and air heaters.

Diameter 5/16" (7.94mm)

Geometry 25.00 x 21.65



∅3/8″ (9.52 mm) tubes in the staggered geometry 25.00 x 21.65 mm with corrugated and louvered fins, an ideal solution for medium sized condensers, fan coil units, heat pumps and unitary products.

Diameter 3/8" (9.52mm)

Geometry 25.00 x 21.65


∅1/2″ (12.7mm) tubes, in the staggered geometry 35.00 x 30.31 mm with corrugated fins. Ideal solution for heat recovery systems, dry coolers with medium-high capacities.

Diameter 1/2" (12.7mm)

Geometry 35.00 x 30.31


∅12mm tubes, in the square geometry 35.00 x 35.00 mm with corrugated fins. This geometry is an ideal solution for the production of evaporators in refrigeration applications.

Diameter 12mm

Geometry 35.00 x 35.00


∅3/8″ (9.52 mm) tubes, in the staggered geometry 25.40 x 22.00 mm with corrugated fins. Ideal solution for small condensers & heat exchangers requiring lower internal volumes

Diameter 3/8" (9.52mm)

Geometry 25.40 x 22.00

Configurations Available

The table below summarises tube geometries & specifications available. With 5 tube diameters and upto 10 different geometries available, we can optimize heat exchangers for any specific application by selecting the appropriate material thicknesses, fin spacings etc.

CodeTube DiameterGeometryLengthTube TypesTube Thickness – smooth Tube Thickness – groovedFin Thickness OptionsFin Spacing Options
S22-77mm25 x 21.6590-1000Smooth / Grooved0.250.310.10 / 0.12 / 0.15 / 0.181.6/3.2
25 x 21.6590-4600Smooth / Grooved0.28/0.410.330.10 / 0.12 / 0.15 / 0.181.6/6.0
25 x 21.65100-7350Smooth / Grooved0.28/0.35/0.50.33/0.40.10 / 0.12 / 0.15 / 0.181.6/6.0
S30-121/2″ 12.7mm35 x 30.31130-7350Smooth / Grooved0.30/0.500.400.11 / 0.15 / 0.181.6/6.0
L35-1212mm35 x 35170-7350Smooth / Grooved0.32/0.5/0.7/0.90.380.15 / 0.18 / 0.20 / 0.25 / 0.282/12

Coil Selection Software

4D coils selection software

Dedicated heat exchanger software for thermodynamic calculations; developed in-house and continually updated for maximum ease of use. This ideal tool allows quick and simple calculations for all coil types; heating coils, cooling coils, evaporator and condenser coils. Whilst the software has a rich database of refrigerants and primary working fluid types used across a number of industry sectors, it also allows the user to create and use custom fluid types too.

View and print in PDF format
Save your selections
Broad range of configuration options
High reliability
Sketch generator



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