Heat Exchanger Coils

With a total of 5 tube diameters available in 10 geometries, we can optimize heat exchangers for any specific application including process cooling, HVAC Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.

Heating and Cooling coils; for use with primary fluids including water and oil
DX Evaporator and Condenser coils;   using Group 1 & 2 refrigerants including CO2.

Fully customizable to match requirements
10 geometries available to meet all performance and allow internal volume reduction
50 tubes available, smooth and internally grooved (rifled) tube
5 fin materials available to meet all thermodynamic and product life requirements
High efficiency tubes and fins for increased heat exchange, to keep dimensions compact
Choice of frame materials including galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel & copper
Maximum pressure up to 80 bars
Possibility of testing with helium test machine
10 surface treatments available to increase the life of the product in aggressive environments
Finned lengths available from 80mm upto 11.5 Metres

4d condenser coils