Aero evaporators for use with all refrigerants including Co2 & NH3, plus brine units and blast air coolers for food storage & processing

Evaporator Coolers & Brine Units

A range of cooling solutions for coldrooms, food storage and processing applications. Our Unit Coolers operate with all new refrigerants plus CO2, NH3 and Brine.

  • Materials Flexibility

    Wide range of materials; copper, aluminium, steel & stainless steel in various alloys

  • Surface Treatment Options

    Surface treatment options to guarantee max durability

  • Defrost Options

    Defrosting options include;  Hot gas defrost, Electrical defrost, Water & compound defrost

  • Fan & Motor Options

    Wide range of fan motors from the best International producers including conventional AC fan motors (ErP-Ready), EC (high-efficiency electronically commutated motors),  Centrifugal fan options plus ATEX Fan motors available

Product Range

Small Unit Coolers


Double Flow Unit Coolers


Cubic Unit Coolers


Fruit Coolers


Blast Freezer Units


Centrifugal Fan Units


General Features


Our range of unit coolers & brine units are ideally suited to cold rooms, cold storage, fresh produce distribution, food processing & blast freezing applications – suitable with all of the new HFC and HCFC refrigerants. The indicated air flows, air throws and power consumptions have all been verified at our manufacturing plants as per EN328.


The coils of the 4D unit coolers consist of corrugated aluminium fins and copper tubes. The supporting side plates are made of aluminium. Units are designed and assembled according to strict company specifications regarding production and quality, in order to prevent tube damage. Tubes are tested at 33 bar as per Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and pre-charged with dry air to ensure the absence of leaks, humidity and debris in the refrigeration circuit.


All unit coolers are supplied with standard 50 Hz fan motors, single or 3 phase, certified by our suppliers and tested at our plants. The fan guards & fasteners are made of black painted steel (color RAL9005) and manufactured according to the strictest safety standards.


The standard electric defrost system consists of stainless steel electric heaters fitted inside the finned block and on the internal drip tray. The layout of the heaters is designed to guarantee an adequate distribution of heat inside the unit, proportionate to its different critical areas. The high thermal conductivity of the production materials ensures proper heat distribution in the entire unit. All of the defrost water is uniformly conveyed and channeled from the drip tray to a collection tray, which is equipped with a threaded connection enabling the water to drain freely.


The unit cooler’s casing consists of an internal self-supporting frame made of aluminium or stainless steel, while all of the visible parts and finishing are made of white pre-painted aluminium (color code RAL9010), which gives the unit a clean and polished look. Units are supplied with protective films on all pre-painted surfaces. These production materials make the product;  Light in weight, non-toxic and devoid of polluting particles, highly resistant to mechanical stress and corrosion, resistant to low temperatures.


All unit coolers are packed individually in fully enclosed wooden crates. Industrial unit coolers are also packed with an internal self-supporting frame designed to simplify and expedite ceiling installation. All units are supplied with label and technical specifcations, operating and maintenance manual, certificate of inspection, manufacturer’s statement, and wiring diagrams.


  • Insulated tray
  • EC/ATEX Motors
  • Hot glycol defrost
  • Motor wiring
  • AISI 304 – 316 tubes
  • Hot gas defrost
  • Increased electric defrost (+25%)
  • Grids electric defrost
  • Surface treatments
  • Prepainted fins
  • Units with reheat
  • Water defrost
  • AISI 304 – 316L frames

Product Flyer


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