Unit Coolers & Brine Units

A range of cooling solutions for coldrooms and food processing applications. Our Unit Coolers operate with all new refrigerants plus CO2, NH3 and Brine.

  • Units available with centrifugal motors

  • Defrosting options include;

    – Hot gas defrost

    – Electrical defrost

    – Water & compound defrost

  • Surface treatment options to guarantee max durability

  • Lightweight casing made entirely from Aluminium

  • Units with re-heat

  • Wide selection of production materials: copper, aluminium, steel & stainless steel in various alloys

  • Wide range of fan motors from the best International producers:

    – Conventional fan motors (ErP-Ready)

    – EC (high-efficiency electronically commutated motors)

    – ATEX Fan motors available

  • Highly recyclable, non-toxic manufacturing materials as per RoHS directive