• Flat Co2 Gas Coolers

    Ready for use in transcritical applications, with over 500 models offering upto 900kW

Gas Coolers

The reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly cooling solution for commercial & industrial applications

  • Transcritical Ready

    This line of product, ready to use in CO2 transcritical installations, consists of more than 500 models of axial gas coolers for industrial applications, available in cooling capacities between 15 and 900 KW.

  • Low Noise & Energy Efficiency

    Our gas coolers presents a low noise level and a minimum energy consumption. All models are fitted with EC fan motors as standard. The speed of its fans can be controlled electronically to increase the energy savings

  • Design Flexibility

    A large choice of configurations and accessories are available to meet any specification, plus of our customization capability. With more than 100 different models available, we can match capacities between 15 kW and 900 kW.

  • High Performance

    • With the highest-pressure design in the market PS 140bar, the system can operate at higher pressure, with a benefit in efficiency and capacity, especially at high ambient. For example, at 45°C ambient, capacity can increase by 13% and efficiency by 4.5%.
    • Units are also optimized with number of circuits for maximum efficiency at each noise level.
    • Staggered arrangement of copper tubes across self-spaced louvered fins.
    • The EC Fans adapt to the needs of the installation with minimal energy consumption
  • Robust Design

    Designed with the highest levels of excellence in commercial food preservation sectors – with robust construction and materials developed to withstand every weather condition, including heavy snow and wind loads, guaranteeing a long lifetime.

  • Materials Flexibility

    Stainless steel + K65 copper header materials available.


  • Lifting Brackets

    Lifting brackets for easy handling & installation

  • Internal Baffles

    Internal baffle plates to avoid bypass effect & increase efficiency

  • Bumper Protection

    Coil bumper protection

  • Header Materials

    Headers with Stainless steel & K65 Copper materials

  • EC Fans

    EC Fan Motors to provide higher efficiency cooling and low noise option


Lifting brackets


Internal baffles


Coil bumper protection


Headers in Stainless + K65


PS = 140 Bar


EC Fan motors


The case structure of the unit cooler is manufactured in prepainted alluminium, giving it a high protection against corrosion even in extreme environmental conditions.
• Internal separators to avoid the “by-pass” effect during sequential operation of fans.
• Metallic protection on connections and return bends.
• FLOATING PACK, system that allows the coils to levitate to avoid leaks.
• Extender legs included for both positions, horizontal and vertical coil as standard.


• Built with copper tubes Ø 7mm, manufactured in compliance with the CUPROCLIMA specifications. The staggered arrangement of copper tubes across self-spaced fins, the accurate link between tubes and fins as well as the use of louvered fins, all this configuration allows our coils to reach the highest performance.
• All coils are subjected to a resistance & leakage test under a rated pressure of 200 bar and pressurized using nitrogen at 1.5 bar to avoid the corrosion of the inner surface of the copper tubes.
• Stainless steel headers with K65 finish, with the possibility of sectioning by the most suitable material for each installation


• A number of fan diameters available: Ø 450/630/800/910 mm.
• Axial fans with external rotor (380-480V III @ 50/60Hz).
• Equipped as standard with EC fan motors. These fans can modulate the rotation speed depending on requirements, with excellent acoustic performance. Providing the optimal operation of the installation


Our Dry Cooler Units can be oriented either Vertically or Horizontally, offering flexibility for more demanding applications. Water connections may also be handed due to standard double outlet header tube. Horizontal units are also available with fan motors mounted underneath the coil, as blow through units

Model Range

Our range of flat-bed type gas coolers can be segmented into 4 main types;

  • G450
  • G630
  • G800
  • G900
  • 15 – 140
  • 55 – 470
  • 105 – 640
  • 150 – 900
  • 16 – 150
  • 60 – 500
  • 115 – 680
  • 160 – 920

Rated Conditions: Pressure 100bar, CO2 Inlet 120°C, CO2 Outlet 40°C, Air inlet Tª 38
Standard Conditions SC20: Pressure 90bar, CO2 Inlet 110°C, CO2 Outlet 35°C, Air inlet Tª 30

Installation Options

Our Gas Coolers offer installation flexibility, with horizontal or vertical positioning and a choice of connection handings